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    How much time does it take for my chosen gift card to be delivered?

    All gift cards are delivered instantly by email. When redeeming your coins in the shop for a gift card, please be sure to enter an accurate address.
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    Do you plan on adding more gift cards to your Shop?

    Yes, right now, on top of the present Amazon.com gift cards, we are working on adding new Netflix gift cards.
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    How can I partecipate in your referral program?

    It is very easy. After registration, you can find your personal referral code and referral link by accessing the Referral page. Each time someone use your code or link to register, then you have successfully referred a user. Access your referral page to see a list of all the users you have referred.
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    What is the reward for referring a user?

    There are 2 kind of reward waiting. Both you and the user you referred are entitled to a 100 coins reward as soon as your referral reaches 100 coins in balance (not counting any bonus). You can check the progress towards the 100 coins threshold of all your referrals by accessing the Referral page. What's more, fat extra bonuses are present for cashing in 1 or more referrals. For example, you're awarded a whole 10$ gift card if you manage to refer and cash 15 users.
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    How do I cash the reward for a referred user?

    From the Referral page you can follow the progress of all your referrals; when any reaches the threshold, the "Cash In" button on the side will be enabled: just press it to cash your reward! The same process apply for cashing any bonus from the Extra-Bonus Referral Program.
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    How does the video reward system work?

    Each video pays a reward on a second per second basis. The total amount displayed (pays xx.xx) is payed each entire view (or until the end of the rewarded time span). Said reward may vary depending on the advertiser's settings and on how many time you've already watched it. Each video may pay an extra bonus (i.e. x5 coins) the very first time you watch it and halve the reward for any view after the first one. Some videos will keep generating coins for the whole duration until the end, while others may only reward the first fraction of their duration.
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    How and when can I cash the coins a video has generated?

    You may cash your coins at any time during the video, after at least 5 seconds are passed. To do so just click on the "Cash Coins" button above the video. Coins can be cashed only once during each view. For those video that stops generating coins before the end, coins must be cashed in before 60 seconds are passed (starting when the rewarding ends): after that time it won't be possible to cash the generated coins. Every video will autoclose 30 seconds after it's ended, sacrificing all uncashed coins.
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    I'm experiencing technical issues, what can I do?

    Please make sure you're using an updated version of chrome/firefox to access the website and check if you have javascript enabled(it must be). Sometimes maintenance on the server may be the cause of website malfunctioning, so wait and try in a few hours may be the right choice. If the issue persists please contact us with details of the problem.
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